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The Get Total Wealth dot com radio show is about much more than just using real estate to make more money. Real wealth includes all the parts of a balanced life: fitness, family, romance, charity, fun, travel and of course, money. Host, Steve Davis, started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in over 4000 single-family and apartment units. He did this while maintaining above average fitness, a 33-year marriage, raising two outstanding children and simply living life to the fullest. He will show you how you can do this too using real estate to build passive streams of income.Steve and his team of mentors, who will be his guests on the show from time to time, have over 50 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their dreams through investing in real estate. Their one on one mentoring and consulting is second to none.

Ep. 403 - The Reason Why Successful People Are Quiet

July 12, 2022

Hello again and thank you for joining us for another episode of the Total Wealth Academy Radio Show! Have you ever noticed that, among all of the people who are out in the investing arena, the people who are the least successful at investing are the first to speak up?  Their stories are usually dramatic, fraught with adversity and end with a positive spend on a bad result.  Why is that?  Where are the successful people?  Why are they so tight lipped? Steve did some investigating and has some thoughts.

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