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The Get Total Wealth dot com radio show is about much more than just using real estate to make more money. Real wealth includes all the parts of a balanced life: fitness, family, romance, charity, fun, travel and of course, money. Host, Steve Davis, started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in over 4000 single-family and apartment units. He did this while maintaining above average fitness, a 33-year marriage, raising two outstanding children and simply living life to the fullest. He will show you how you can do this too using real estate to build passive streams of income.Steve and his team of mentors, who will be his guests on the show from time to time, have over 50 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their dreams through investing in real estate. Their one on one mentoring and consulting is second to none.

April 14, 2022

Ep. 364 - A Cautionary Tale About Seeking Help

Hi again listeners!  In this episode Steve is back in the saddle and talking with you on the air! Now, you may see a lot of similarities between this show and the the last show with Trevor.  Well, you ought to - they are both covering the same article.  Now the real trick is this: Can you figure out just what is different about their presentations?

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April 13, 2022

Ep. 363 - Why Are The Financials Advisors Against Real Estate?

Hi everyone!  Trevor Davis is back in the driver's seat and we are happy you are here to listen! Among the many things to talk about with you all each day, Trevor was passed a very interesting article by a coworker.  He wanted to bring the article and discussion to you all today and boy is it a doozy!

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April 6, 2022

Ep. 362 - Two Questions That Come Up…A LOT

today's episode is going to be about two of the major questions that Steve gets...all of the time.  Ok, hyperbole aside, Steve does get these questions asked of him often but he would say that the questions don't come up in his interactions enough! So what are the questions?  Tune in now and find out!

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April 5, 2022

Ep. 361 - A Loving Relationship: Part of Your Balanced Life

Welcome back listeners!  Today Steve is talking about what it takes to have a balanced life.  Investing and becoming financially independent is certainly on top of that list but you should also be making sure that the love in your life is being properly monitored and cared for.  Steve shares his thoughts on the subjects, answers listeners questions and much more!

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April 1, 2022

Ep. 360 - The Progression of Goal Writing and Importance of Priorities

Welcome back to the show!  Today Steve is talking about goals and priorities.  Do you have your goals written down?  Do you have your priorities in order?  Have you considered either one of them in the last year?  Well now is the time to get your mind focused on the things that can change your life and future!

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March 31, 2022

Ep. 359 - Covering The Consequences of Retirement Culture

Welcome back ot the show everyone! ON today's episode Trevor is back in the captain's chair and he covering "retirement culture".  You may think that you've already hard everything about this topic before today but don't skip over this podcast!  Trevor is bringing in facts, figures, numbers and a point of view that might surprise you. 

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March 29, 2022

Ep. 358 - A Deeper Look at Why ”The Rich” Have It Backwards

Welcome back to the show! Steve is expanding on his thoughts about the millionaire mentality and the middle-class mentality today.  For years he has been trying to find a way to get people to understand, at a core level, what that means and he is certain he has unlocked more of the puzzle for you all.  So tune in and get comfortable being uncomfortable!

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March 28, 2022

Ep. 357 - The Rich Have It ALL Backwards?

Welcome back to the show! On this episode Steve is talking about the millionaire mentality and the middle class mentality.  He is focusing on the difference between them and really getting into the nitty, gritty details of the subject.  The best part is that he has a practical example to give you all and it couldn't make things any more clear.  

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March 24, 2022

Ep. 356 - Breaking Down The ”Inability To Save”

Welcome back ot the show everyone! On today's episode, Trevor is talking about the truest form of intelligence and what it would take for a family to actually start being able to get to the financial independence that they long for.  So tune in and get it all figured out with Trevor today!

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March 23, 2022

Ep. 355 - Passive Investing With Your IRA & 401k

It is often the case here at Total Wealth Academy that we have members lament that they don't have any money that can be used to invest in real estate. And just as often, it turns out that those members have 401(k) accounts and IRAs that have been contributed to for years and are just sitting around waiting for the market to drop out.  What are these people supposed to do?  Well Steve would tell them that they DO have the funds to invest and it is sitting in their savings accounts! He is here, in this show, to tell you all how to use that money!

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