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The Get Total Wealth dot com radio show is about much more than just using real estate to make more money. Real wealth includes all the parts of a balanced life: fitness, family, romance, charity, fun, travel and of course, money. Host, Steve Davis, started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in over 4000 single-family and apartment units. He did this while maintaining above average fitness, a 33-year marriage, raising two outstanding children and simply living life to the fullest. He will show you how you can do this too using real estate to build passive streams of income.Steve and his team of mentors, who will be his guests on the show from time to time, have over 50 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their dreams through investing in real estate. Their one on one mentoring and consulting is second to none.

November 11, 2021

EP. 308 - What Should I Be Doing With My Money Right Now?

Hello listeners and welcome back to the show! A popular question that Steve gets asked quite often is: "Should I be deploying my capital right now?" and Steve's honest answer is....I don't really know!  It truly is a personal question that only you can answer due to your own personal circumstances but if you have enough money to "play with" without jeopardizing your family - Steve will definitely say yes.  So what is your situation like?  Remember that you can always email Steve with your questions but would you be upset with some passive profit in your life?  Tune into this show to find out some strategies! 

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November 11, 2021

Ep. 307 - Trying to Predict That Which Is Not Controllable

Welcome back to another episode of the Get Total Wealth Dot Com Podcast everyone!  How many of you are out there right now afraid of real estate after what happened the other day in China with real estate?  Were you proven right with your prediction?  Were you proven wrong?  Have you realized at this point that it doesn't matter either way and that you had no control over the situation at all?  Well that is what Steve is talking about today and he is going to reiterate that crystal balls and algorithms can't predict the uncontrollable.  But he is also going to tell you what you CAN do right now to get ready to take advantage of the situation.

Remember to email Steve your questions and and concerns at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com today!  

November 11, 2021

Ep. 306 -Your Brain Was Designed To Survive, Not Excel

Welcome back to the show listeners!  On this episode Steve is trying to find that quickest, easiest, and laziest way to explain today's topic.  Now, that doesn't sound lie Steve...right?  Well Steve would disagree with you on that point because find that laziest way to accomplish your goal is sometimes the best thing that you can do!  Confused?  Good!  Click the play button and get started on figuring it out!

Please remember to email Steve at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com

November 2, 2021

Ep. 305 - The End of A Road Is The Starting Point

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Did you know that what we teach at Total Wealth Academy is not even considered a secret?  Literally none of the information is a secret!  So why are you listening to our shows and why are loads of people joining our group every week?  Well that isn't the easiest question to answer but we are confident that it has something to do with that fact that those people are tired of walking down a road that they can see is going nowhere.   People are coming and looking to start down a new road with us and that is what Steve is talking about today!  So tune in and start down the well-worn, new to you road to you dreams!

Please remember that you can email Steve today and start your own conversation!  Just sent that email over to AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com 

October 28, 2021

Ep. 304 - It‘s already the End of the Year…Did It Go By Quickly?

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Has it dawned on you that the holiday season is already upon us?  We're only 3 major holidays away from the end of 2021 and that is pretty mind boggling when you really think about it.  So how was the speed of this year for you?  Looking back, was the year a blur or did it go by so slowly that you could map out each day individually?  Steve is going to venture a guess and say that the year blew by for you like it did for him.  So are you where you want to be with all of your goals?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to this year?  As we start gearing up for new years goals it is also important to look back.  So tune in and join Steve as we take stock!

Remember that Steve can be reached at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com anytime so go ahead and send an email today!

October 26, 2021

Ep. 303 - Control Your Brain; Achieve Your Goals

Welcome back to the show listeners!  On today's episode Steve is talking about matters of the brain!  This is no riddle of puzzle for you to solve, it really is just a discussion about your brain.  Have you ever noticed that on some days you are mentally active and ready to accomplish challenges and on other days you are sluggish and can hardly force yourself to think about anything?   That is the topic of conversation today and we are going to make it easy for your tired brain to make a decision.  You are going to press play and listen to the show!

Please remember that Steve is always reachable at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com so send him an email today.  Its a NO BRAINER! 

October 25, 2021

Ep. 302 - Starting and Keeping Momentum

Welcome back to the show listeners! On today's episode Steve is talking about momentum and how it is actually going to be one of the greatest tools you have once you employ it to work for you. The even cooler thing about momentum? Once you get it going, it tends to keep going all by itself and take you even further than you imagined! So start moving forward now by pressing that play button and getting in on this info!

Please remember that Steve is always reachable at AskSteve@GetTotalWealt.com so go ahead and start a conversation with him today!

October 21, 2021

Ep. 301 - The Power (and Danger) of Negative Thinking

Welcome back to the show listeners! Have you ever heard the phrase "The Power of Positive Thinking"? Since you can't respond directly to this episode description we are going to go ahead and assume that you have.  Well of today's show Steve is going to be talking about that phrase but not from the tried and true method but from the darker more sinister side of thinking: Negative Thinking.  Why on earth is Steve doing that?  Could it possibly be because more people are generally more familiar with negative thought processes or is Steve just one of those weird contrarians. Tune in to find out!

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October 20, 2021

Ep. 300 - What Are Your Investment Measurements?

Welcome back to the show listeners! On this episode of The Get Total Wealth Dot Com Podcast Steve is talking about you learning to take your own real estate investment measurements.  You are not going to need a tailor's tape measure though!  These measurements are more about your what you know, what you are planning, and where you are wanting to end up in your investment journey.  So how do you go about setting these measurements in stone for yourself?  Thats what Steve is here to teach you so hit that play button and get something to write with!

Remember that you can start a personal conversation with Steve anytime you want by emailing him at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com 

October 19, 2021

Ep. 299 - Get Educated on Investment Financing

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is joined by Wade Comeaux of Catalyst Funding and the two of them are talking about investment financing in the Real Estate markets. You may have heard once or a hundred times over the last year that real estate investors are watching the market and waiting for the correction to come.  But when will it come?  Steve skipped all of the classes on predicting the future and instead focused on learning and preparing for the future and thats what he is suggesting you do as well.  If and when the correction does come, are you ready with all the knowledge you could get your hands on?  Do you know what kinds of products are available to you?  Well, hit the play button and get started now!


Remember that Steve is open to your questions and comments all the time!  Just email him over at AskSteve@GetTotalWealth.com today!